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The Municipality of Pylos Nestor is a municipality of Peloponnisos Region that was established with the Kallikratis Program by the merging of the former Kapodistrian Municipalities of Koroni, Methoni, Papaflessa, Pylos, Nestoros and Chiliohorion.
The area of ​​the new Municipality is 554.3 sq. kilometers and the population 23.780 inhabitants according to the 2001 inventory.

The Municipality of Pylos Nestor is located at the southwestern tip of the Peloponnisos, offering unlimited view to the blue of the Ionian Sea. The special architecture with its mansions, arches, whitewashed houses with courtyards containing colorful flowers are highlighting the so called “island” color of the area.

Pylos is the seat of the newly founded Kallikratis Municipality of Pylos Nestor. Nestor, the son of Nileus, reigned in the 13th century B.C. for three generations. The ruins of Nestor’s palace in Upper Englianos confirm the testimony of Homer. It is the best preserved palace of the Mycenaean period. Palaiokastro in the Voidokilia beach, Niokastro in Pylos, the famous Venetian castles of Methoni and Koroni and the historical naval battle of Navarino witness the presence of the area in the historical evolution of Greece.

Sandy beaches with a total area of ​​more than 50 kilometers provide unlimited possibilities for relaxation, hiking, cycling and environmental activities. Voidokilia, Foinikounda, Xrisi Ammos, Romanos, the beaches of Mei and Tsapi are waiting to enchant you with their turquoise waters and the golden sand color.

Following a unique journey into nature, one can reach the impressive Kalamari waterfall, 60 meters above Schinolaka. The Gialova lagoon, which is part of the European ecological network NATURA 2000, hosts many endangered bird species, and at the same time is the only place after Africa where the African Chameleon live and reproduce.

The gastronomy lovers will enjoy fine local products such as olive oil, olives, wine, raisins, figs and traditional dishes. The success of local food-tradition-history is a harmonious combination that has left its trace indelible over time.

Someone reading all these information about Pylos Nestor municipality easily can understand that either alone, with family, friends, or your partner in life, the holidays here will be always crafted in your memory!

Road Connections

Pylos Nestor is linked by road with Athens and Thessaloniki via the Eastern Motorways of Peloponnese, Olympia Odos and Aegean Motorway.

The distance to Athens is 371 km and the journey takes about 3 hours and 10 minutes.

The distance to Thessaloniki is 761 km and the journey takes about 7.5 hours.

Pylos Nestor is linked to Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patra and Sparta, as well as to the towns of Meligalas, Kardamili, Pylos, Koroni, Methoni, Chora, Messinia, Kyparissia, Filiatra, Gargaliani etc. Also N. Messinia via bus routes, planned and operated by the Intercity Bus Service in Messinia.

For more information, contact the Intercity Bus Service of Messinia SA Tel: +30 27210 28581 or you can contact us at

Sea Connections

The port of Kalamata is connected by ferry to the ports of Kythera and Kissamos in Chania, once a week during the summer months. The journey time is about 9 hours.

Air Connections

Pylos Nestor is connected by air with Athens, Thessaloniki, Munich, Stockholm, Moscow, Amsterdam, Prague, London, Milan, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vienna, Manchester etc through scheduled flights and flights Charter.
Kalamata National Airport “Captain Vassilis Konstantakopoulos” (KAKL) is located about 9 km west of the city of Kalamata, on the Greek National Road. Kalamata-Messina. The corridor is about 3 km away and the terminal is located to the southeast of the route. The building facilities of the terminal are 2450 sq.m. Its geographical width is 37 ° 4506. 3 ‘north. Its geographic length is 22 ° 0131.4 ‘east. It has 2 arrival halls, two 2 departure halls and 1 waiting room. The aircraft parking space has a capacity of 4 aircraft (1 B767, 3 A320).


Below you will find the most popular destinations of our municipality.


Pylos is the capital of our municipality and of course a widely known location for locals and tourists!



Methoni is a historical destination with lots of sights nearby and beautiful beaches!Plan your trip!



There is no reason if yu plan holidays to our municipality to not visit Koroni!It's an amazing location with lots of activities!



Well known to surfers all over the world and also and amazing area Gialova is a place to meet with!



Over crowded in summer,and traditional in winter Foinikounda is a very popular choise to visit!



On map you can see where the municipality of Pylos Nestor borders are based. In case you need to visit our municipality offices use map for your convenience or if you want to visit nearby destinations!

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